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#4 BEST SAD VISUAL NOVEL: KANON – Anime Kingdom Archive

Originally posted by FFTHEWINNER 4th of June 2015

By a fitting coincidence, I just discovered that I am writing this on the first anniversary of me reading Kanon for the first time, a VN that helped change the way I look at VNs, and gaming in general, forever.

Kanon is the first VN from KEY, a VN company that is famous for making classics like Clannad, Little Busters, and this little gem. It is a VN that simply got all emotions right. From the funny moments that make you laugh your heart out, to the sad moments that make you feel like said heart is being stabbed by a knife, to the mystery moments that make you wonder what is actually happening, to all the other great moments you could think of.

The story begins in a simple way. You are Yuiichi, a high schooler who is returning to his hometown after a 7 year absence and entering his new school there. However, it will quickly branch in many interesting ways. There are some plot twists and hidden truths that you will never see coming. Said plot twists are mean. They attack you near the endings after you have formed a lot of emotion for your girl and rip your heart out in sadness.

One of the Key (intended pun 😉 features of this VN that sets it apart from other VNs is the abundance of decisions that shape your character. While VNs normally only have a small to moderate number of key choices, this one has hundreds of different decisions in it. This really makes you feel like YOU are Yuiichi and can decide your life however you like. This makes an already long VN (+40h at least to finish all the routes) even longer as it gives it great replay value through discovering all the choices and what each choice leads to (I am currently re-enjoying it for the 8th time :).

Each character in the game is unique and three dimensional. while you might think at the beginning that they are simple cliché characters, you will quickly discover that you couldn’t be further from the truth. You will get extremely emotional with them (Sometimes without you even noticing it). You will laugh with (or at) them, feel sad with (or for) them, and generally enjoy life together with them.

The soundtrack is very good and each track extremely fits the situation you are in. Simply hearing some tracks after beating the game will invoke feelings of happiness/sadness/etc from you. The art style is also unique and, while dated, is still extremely memorable.

Also, trust me when I tell you that, after finishing the game, “Promises” will mean a LOT more to you ;).

Originally posted by FFTHEWINNER 4th of June 2015

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