Monday, 16 Jul 2018
Author: Dexter


Malaysia is a hotbed of bootlegged anime products ranging from DVDs to wall scrolls, and although I have a physical case for them, is there any legitimate case for owning them? This review section will offer an in-depth look at a whole host of Malaysian bootleg Anime DVDs and weighs up the pros and cons […]


It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these (They usually happen on Thursday to) But this is a strange one, a very strange one indeed…. Now, I’m going to go ahead and quote Wikipedia here. Bare with me Anime Central was a British television channel owned by CSC Media Group. The channel launched on 13 September 2007. […]

#4 BEST SAD VISUAL NOVEL: KANON – Anime Kingdom Archive

Originally posted by FFTHEWINNER 4th of June 2015 By a fitting coincidence, I just discovered that I am writing this on the first anniversary of me reading Kanon for the first time, a VN that helped change the way I look at VNs, and gaming in general, forever. Kanon is the first VN from KEY, […]

Humble and Kodansha Launch the “Manga to Anime” Manga Bundle

Humble Bundle, purveyors of pay-as-you-want bundles of games, software, and comics, have announced another bundle of cheap manga for your reading pleasure. Once again, they’ve teamed up with Kodansha for this bundle, but this time the theme is “Manga to Anime,” manga that have received popular anime adaptations. The selection includes Ghost In The Shell, Battle […]

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Review (Part 2)

NOTE: This review covers the extras on three discs separate from the main series, and a book accompanying the collection. For the review of the TV series, see Part 1. Having reviewed the TV series, I’m now going to discuss the other material that is included in this extensive collection – and most of these […]

Flip Flappers Limited Edition Blu-ray

Synopsis: Cocona isn’t really sure who she wants to be. Living alone with her grandmother in a cold and confusing world, her uncertainty over filling out her career counseling form echoes her uncertainty about her own personality. But then Papika appears. Full of energy and life, Papika drags the hesitant Cocona into the world of […]

When Anime And Photoshop Meet The Real World

There’s something oddly haunting about putting anime characters in real-world environments. A few years back, a 4chan thread featured a slew of Photoshops showing anime characters added into real-world locations. The images ended up on numerous Japanese websites. However, most of the photos were made by the MS Insanity collective on, which is akin […]

Dragon Ball Super – Part 3 Review

Dragon Ball Super – Part 3 features Episodes 27 – 39, with Episode 27 being the climax of the Resurrection F movie retelling. You’ll be unsurprised to hear that Frieza is defeated and our heroes are still alive in Episode 28 as we begin to shift towards brand new material, with Vegeta and Goku continuing […]