Brainwavz Delta In Ears – Review

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Disclaimer: I have always been a Brainwavz fan. From their early more bass driven Alpha In Ears, to the more balanced Betas’ So, this is less of a sponsorship, and more me reaching out to them and saying “look! I love what you do, and I want to share your brand!” In short; no money changed hands, but I do have some nice in ear phones to review.

Who are Brainwavz?

Brainwavz produces some awesome audio equipment. This Hong Kong based manufacturer started out as MP4nation with Brainwavz as more of an imprint, but their Brainwavz brand seems to have performed better than they imagined, and that’s awesome to hear.

Brainwavz Earphones are premium quality at a low price. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that performs as well under the £100 price mark.

The Deltas

The Packaging

The plastic box these come in does feel a little bit of the cheap side, opting to use plastic over fancy cardboard or big boxed presentation. However, this is perfectly understandable give the raft of other goodies this deceptively small box contains.
The Contents

This is where a lot of people will be shocked. Not only do you get the In Ears, you also get different foam tips, giving you the choice of best fitting comfort. a set of Premium Comply tips for maximum comfort and noise isolation, a hard zip case to store the In Ears in, and a clip to help you keep the unruly cables at bay when you go walking or jogging etc. There’s a lot to love here.

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