Let’s talk about Build Divide Code White Episode 12 Release Date. We’ll also talk about some theories regarding the next episode. Build Divide Episode 11 was a total banger in terms of the Intense Card Fight that happened between Teruto and Mario. We also got to know the real reason Why Mario Higuma wanted Teruto so bad. The way this episode ended on a Cliffhanger has made many fans agitated about the Final Episode of the series. Will it live up to the hype? What will happen to Teruto and all his friends? Well, many questions need to be answered in the upcoming final episode, which will be released soon. Let’s talk about it all in detail.

Build Divide Code White anime is an original anime series produced by Aniplex Studios. The Story follows the after events of Build Divide Code Black anime, where all our favorite characters are back to defend themselves. And defeat the king to gain that one last wish that everyone wants. But what they didn’t anticipate was a big dark secret that was about to get revealed before them which will eventually change their whole life and will make everything they have done and achieved until now meaningless. Here are all the details about Build Divide Code White Episode 12 Release Date.

Recap of Episode 11

Build Divide Code White Episode 11 was titled “Unlimited Wishes”. After Hiyori saves Teruto, he reunites with Sakura. But Mario appears before them with Noumitsu and Kikka. Mario declares that he will rule this world by obtaining the greatest power there is in this universe. And following that, he transfuses himself with The King and attains a much higher and more powerful form.

Build Divide Code White Episode 12 - Mario

Mario Transfused with King

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Seeing him in this state, Teruto charges ahead and challenges him into a Game of Build Divide Card Game. But before he starts playing, Sakura gives Teruto a mysterious card and wishes him good luck. Teruto starts the game by building a new territory, but Mario’s deck of card has many surprising powerful characters who nonetheless shatter all of Teruto’s cards.

What Will Happen in Build Divide Code White Episode 12?

Build Divide Code White Episode 11 ends with Teruto losing all his deck cards during his Card Fight with Mario. Mario’s extreme use of his powerful cards with great strategy made Teruto lose all his cards. Now with no cards in his deck, Just How will Teruto defeat the Ultimate last Opponent to get him and his friends off this fake virtual world. Episode 12 is titled “No One Knows When Spring Ends”. This Episode will mostly focus on the big conclusion of the Card fight between Mario and Teruto. But as Teruto lost all his cards, he might now use the special card which was given to him by Sakura. Sakura gave that card to Teruto while enchanting a mysterious spell on it. This card is the only remaining one that Teruto can use, but the main question is How will he use it, and under which circumstances?

Build Divide Code White Episode 12 - Teruto

Teruto’s Attack

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At the end credits of the episode, Teruto says to all his friends, “This Will Be Our Last Gamble”. This sentence indicates that Teruto will most probably need the help of his friends to overpower the card so that it could perform the attack and destroy Mario’s Card. But it’s just speculation as anything can happen in the next episode. Another aspect that the next episode will focus on is the ultimate god deity, “WILL” which was revealed by Mario as a powerful being that transcends the power unimaginable to humans. Let’s see if anything interesting happens related to WILL, fans just might get the unofficial announcement of Season Three of the Build Divide series. Let’s wait for the Final Episode to drop.

When Will Build Divide Code White Episode 12 Be Released?

Build Divide Code White Episode 12 will release on 26th June at 12:30 A.M. (JST Zone).

Build Divide Code White Episode 12 – Streaming Details

You can watch Build Divide Code White Episode 12 and all other episodes on Crunchyroll Streaming Site.

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