Let’s talk about Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 Release Date. We’ll also talk about some theories regarding the next Episode. Digimon Episode 30 was a creepy ride. A murderous Psychopath Girl was all this Episode needed to hype the fans. Many weird things happened in this Episode, and many hints were given for the upcoming Episode. A new weapon monster is going to attack the Digimon gang soon, and a major character from the series is going to evolve. Well, let’s talk about all this in detail. Digimon Ghost Game is an original anime series of the Digimon franchise produced by Fuji Tv Productions.

The story follows Hiro Amaokawa, a middle scholar who has been entangled in a web of paranormal activities due to his father’s disappearance. Many sightings of mysterious hologram monsters are on the rise. And many people believe that it’s just an Urban legend, including Hiro. But when his classmate gets attacked by some hologram monster, Hiro and his friend Kiyoshirou decide to investigate the event. Little did they know that this incident would open their path to a dangerous world filled with many paranormal beings. Here are all the details regarding Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 Release Date.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 30 Recap

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 30 was titled “Bad Friend”. This Episode focuses on a girl named Kayono, who has apparently secluded herself from society. And has been cooped up inside her room tearing clothes in frustration. Her need for someone’s attention is driving her crazy, and at her worst, she meets two hologram ghosts named, WaruMonzaemon and Ex – Tyranomon. They both possess the capability to turn anyone into a soft doll by using a Black Matter attack. When Kayano’s parents were trying to have a conversation with her regarding her situation at school.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 - Kayono

Kayono Meets WaruMonzaemon and Ex – Tyranomon

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Her rejection of their offer gave Ex – Tyranomon the signal to attack and turn her father into a doll. Kayono’s friend, on the other hand, is trying to contact her by reaching out to Hiro and Ruri. But later, things start to escalate when Kayono turns into a total psychopath by turning every other person she meets into a Doll, including her grade school friend. When Hiro and Ruri find out about this, they try to control the situation, but their attempts fail. Later, when confronted by a mysterious Yellow-colored Bear Hologram ghost, Kayono realizes the reality of the situation that she’s in and offers her apology to everyone.

What Will Happen In Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31?

Episode 30 ends with Kayono realizing her mistake and undoing all her catastrophes toward the human Dolls. The way Kayono’s character was portrayed in this Episode was flawless, with the focus on her psychological mind due to the stressful environment. And episodes of inferiority due to her friends are what caused her to side with evil Digimon. At the end of the Episode, she understands that caring for someone doesn’t mean doing whatever they say. This is what makes her character arc complete, But now as things are, her character has become one of the favorite side characters for fans, and all are now wishing for her to return in the future episodes.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 - Preview

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 Preview

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Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 is titled, “Killer Blade”. This Episode will mostly focus on Angoramon and his evolution. The end credits of the episode indicate that Angoramon will get possessed by a Sword that has mysterious power inside it. As the sword seems capable of capturing human souls by slaying them and trapping them inside its realm. From the looks of it, the sword belongs to Musyamon, the wizard demon. If it stands correct then a showdown between Musyamon and Angoramon is inevitable. But it’s all just speculation, let’s wait for the next episode to drop.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 Release Date

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 will release on 26th June at 9:00 P.M. (JST Zone).

Watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 Online – Streaming Details

Viewers from the US can watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 31 and all other episodes on Crunchyroll Streaming Site.

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