Dragon Raja Episode 17 release date is very near, and the fans will see Mingfei save Chen Motong from dying and even form a contract with a mysterious character that will give him part of his life. Chinese anime, also known as Donghua, has come into the entertainment history for a while, and with new anime coming every week, fans are getting into this industry and praising it more and more.

There were times when we did not even know what Chinese anime was like due to the restrictions and protocols laid by the rules of the country. However, gradually we are getting these anime one way or another, and I gotta say these anime are such a good piece to watch. Take Dragon Raja, for example. The best thing that this anime is providing to us now is the fact this anime is using the 2d generated concepts rather than the 3d CGI that most of the Donghua do.

And even the animation that has been used for this series is top-notch rather than some mediocre animation. Given that there are still many doubts and a lack of information about Chinese anime, fans are still perplexed about the release of the new episodes of the series. Thus, we have brought an article about the Dragon Raja series. So, let’s talk about Dragon Raja Episode 17 in detail.

As of this writing, since there is no preview for the Dragon Raja Episode 17, it is hard to predict what might happen in the upcoming episode. Nevertheless, we have other information for Dragon Raja Episode 17 that may come in handy. For this post, we will give you all the details for Dragon Raja Episode 17, like its release date and various timings for the episode in the arrival of the regions across the globe.

In addition to that, the most common question that we have been getting so far is about where you can watch the new episodes of Dragon Raja. So naturally, we will be listing the streaming details for the Dragon Raja series as well. With that being said, let us dive into all of those details. Here we bring you the latest Dragon Raja series updates.

Dragon Raja Episode 16 expectations


Dragon Raja Episode 16 – Recap

While Chen Motong is drowning in the dark sea, unconsciously, Mingfei finds himself on a boat like wooden with a mysterious character. Given that Chen is dying, Mingefei is desperate to save her but is afraid of walking into the dark and cold sea and the face the dragon as well.

Mingfei continues to cry about how useless he has been and even cheated on the exams. But also notes that Chen is the one that makes him attractive, and he loves that feeling and wants to save her. The mysterious woman tells him about the devil contract that will give him the power which slays dragons in return for his life. Thus, Mingfei accepts the deal and saves Chen, as well as begins to fight the dragon.

Dragon Raja Episode 17 Release Date

Dragon Raja Episode 17 will likely continue with the current events with Mingfei fighting with the dragon and will probably be able to defeat him as well. Ever since the first episode of Dragon Raja debuted, the new episodes of the series have been coming out on Fridays. As of this writing, there is no break announced for the Dragon Raja Episode 17 as well, so it is expected to release this coming Friday as well.

Dragon Raja Episode 16 visual

Dragon Raja Key Visual

Thus, the Dragon Raja Episode 17 is scheduled to release on Friday, December 2nd, 2022, at 10:00 hrs Chinese Standard Timing approximately. Since the timing for the Dragon Raja Episode 17 will vary, the western part of the world might get the episode on Thursday as well. Following are the release times for the Dragon Raja Episode 17;

Watch Dragon Raja Episode 17 Online

Since Dragon Raja is a Chinese anime, Dragon Raja Episode 16 will first make its way to the local Chinese networks. But later, for fans around the world, the new episodes of Dragon Raja will be available on Tencent Video Client Service, but geo-restrictions may apply.

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