Let’s talk about Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 Release Date. We’ll also talk about some of the theories regarding the next episode. Episode 12 was quite wholesome, we got to see a full-fledged Shadowverse match between Light and Tsubasa. And Much new information about Haruma was mentioned, which gave his character more depth. Overall this can make his character one of the best antagonists in the entire Shadowverse universe. A hint of a big upcoming fight was dropped in this episode. So let’s discuss this all in detail. Shadowverse Flame is an original anime series produced by Sonilude.

The Story follows the Life of Light Tenryu, a boy who was destined to play Shadowverse for the sake of the world. One day Light gets an invitation to join his college Seventh Flame Shadowverse club. And Surprisingly to him, he loves playing the whole Shadowverse game with the idea to reconnect with people. But there is one problem that he needs to face before he steps into the club. And that is to gather new members for this club as it will soon disband if enough members do not join. So to maintain the Club for the future generations and to avoid its current demise, he starts to challenge potential candidates and asks them to join the club. Here are all the details regarding the Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 Release Date.

Recap of Episode 12

Episode 12 was titled “That’s What Makes Shadowverse Fun”. This episode started with a flashback scene of Tsubasa having a chat with her current Club member and the president about her being the next club president of their Shadowverse club. There is also a scene of Seira’s defeat during her fight with Haruma, which from the looks of it, traumatizes Tsubasa. And now, in the present time, she is having an argument with Light over recruitment as he came to take one of the members of her club.

Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 - Tsubasa vs Light

Tsubasa vs Light

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But Tsubasa doesn’t bulge this easily, and a Shadowverse card fight between them starts. Starting on, Tsubasa’s attacks were quite heavy on Light, but his determination to convince Tsubasa and his will to show her the greatness of the game resulted in him winning the match. Later, when they talk, he asks her to join his club, and by the blessing of her Senpai and her former club members, Tsubasa Joins the Seventh Flame Club to fight Haruma.

What Will Happen in Shadowverse Flame Episode 13?

Shadowverse Flame Episode 12 ends up with Tsubasa losing the Shadowverse match between her and Light. And ultimately joining the Seventh Flame Club gang with Light and the others. During the course of this anime, aside from Subaru, Tsubasa is the only next character who has the same drive and character personality as Light. The motivation to move forward and protect the ones you love is a very strong element in Shadowverse anime. Tsubasa’s traumatic experience with playing a Shadowverse game is because of her beloved Senpai Seira, who suffered the loss when she battled Haruma. But despite this, it was the main reason which motivates Tsubasa to face Haruma herself and defeat him to regain Seira’s honor.

Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 - Preview

Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 Preview

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Knowing all this, it isn’t this easy to just have a match with Haruma and defeat him as he controls a much heavier and variety of cards that can or will easily destroy her set. Episode 13 is titled “Only The Strong Survive In Shadowverse”. This Episode will probably focus on the upcoming most anticipated Shadowverse fight between Light and Haruma. Light will probably be dealt with a huge blow as Taking Haruma on requires much greater strength and Card Collection, which obviously Light does not have at this point. But putting all things aside, a match between his biggest rival this early would actually help Light overcome his biggest flaws. This Fight Just might be the next big step that Light will take toward his Journey of becoming the best-known player in the Shadowverse world.

When will Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 Be Released?

Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 will release on 25th June at 10:00 A.M. (JST Zone).

Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 – Streaming Details

Viewers from the US can watch Shadowverse Flame Episode 13 and all other episodes on the Crunchyroll Streaming Site.

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