The first episode of SHINEPOST was released on July 13, and since then, it has been one hell of a ride. Today we will talk about the SHINEPOST episode 5 release date. It is counted as one of the highest-rated animes of this summer. People have been talking a lot about it, and that too is in favor. Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge collaborated to produce the mixed-media project Shine Post, which has a Japanese idol theme. Shine Post: Nee Shitteta, a collection of light series of novels by Rakuda and Buriki.

The office prepared Nao Nissei, the most powerful manager, for Spring, Anka, and Rio of the well-known idol group “TINGS.” His preferred position, though, is a clerk, right? The best idol show put on by Rakuda and Buriki has started. The tale of TiNgS, an idol female group, will be told in the anime. Five girls make up this group, and while they are all unique in their own ways, they all work toward the same objective.

The idol group “TINGS” is not very well-liked and has lofty goals but few accomplishments. Their putative rescuer was the best manager in the world, but he said, “I’m not interested in being your manager.” Naoki Hinase, a person, lacking in motivation, arrives. But he has a unique ability…? This is the tale of how you and the girls shone brightly and rose to the status of “absolute idols.” Here is where the greatest idol entertainment starts.



SHINEPOST Episode Recap

Rio is the perceptive girl, Haru is the effervescent girl, and Kyoka, despite her funny quips and lack of self-confidence, feels inferior to the others. TiNgS is expanding more, but after their publicity issue, Kyoka presents a more intimate issue. However, until then, anything would be up for discussion. For Naoki, his conversations with his sister Kei certainly sound out of the ordinary. The moment Momiji openly deviates from the weird and absurd plan, Yukine finds out about her issue and, at Haru’s whim, unwillingly agrees to assist her to regain her confidence.

But man, Kyoka is stubborn and puts the group before herself. Despite her “shining” aura, which Naoki can detect, it is undoubtedly a mistake and a cause of her downfall because, according to their history, in addition to this she wants to be in the spotlight, it has added pressure that led to incidents like her forgetting lyrics during one of their song sessions and one particular fan becoming very worried.

Persuading Kyoka at this point is ineffective; the only option to make her comply with her demands once more is to kick her out of the center. Being an idol is a difficult profession, and Naoki can only have a small influence on decisions. Kyoka will hopefully learn from this that idol teams are collaborative efforts rather than solo endeavors.



When Tamaki was selected to act as the center, Naoki and the other members of TiNgS were quite critical of her for squandering the potential to achieve recognition and popularity. Whatever it may be, Tamaki cannot reverse Naoki’s decision because it is final. Her background as a person who wants to accomplish what she wants but isn’t told of what she may do lends credence to this.

For Hotaru’s concert, her fellow student Akemi was there to encourage her as a companion and an idol fan. This was probably her first real taste of realizing that she wanted to follow in her footsteps and that taking small steps wouldn’t stop her from failing repeatedly. That is until she joined TiNgS and began scouting, and even that is a difficult task on its own. Haru as a shine post, Rio following in Haru’s footsteps, and the unproven “O-Kyon” Tamaki finally getting her big break on her own. However, this added pressure caused Tamaki to fail to become exceptional, in contrast to other bands with members of the same average caliber as Tamaki but better.

Being average and Naoki pursuing Tamaki down to give her a pep talk both have challenges, but they also have benefits. And this once, Tamaki isn’t heading down without a battle of her own, giving her entire being to even her most devoted and ardent supporter. This episode is unquestionably Kyoka Tamaki’s major break that she needs.

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SHINEPOST Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of Shinepost will release on Wed, 10 August 2022 at 1:29 AM in Tokyo, Tue, 9 August 2022 at 11:29 AM CST, Tue, 9 August 2022 at 11:29 AM EST, and Tue, 9 August 2022 at 9:59 PM IST.

SHINEPOST Streaming Details

You can stream all episodes of SHINEPOST on HiDive. It is the official streaming partner of this anime.

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