Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 6 is set to release this weekend. An anime series based on the Japanese manga Shoot Goal to the Future, directed by Noriyuki Nakamura with Junichi Kitamura as assistant director, Mitsutaka Hirota as a scriptwriter, and Yukiko Akiyama as character designer, premiered on July 2, 2022. Kakegawa High’s legendary soccer club is coached by Atsushi Kamiya, and it follows the new team led by Hideto Tsuji. Another epic saga is about, to begin with, Atsushi Kamiya as the coach.

The fifth episode of Shoot Goal to the Future shows Tsuji finally settling in with Kazama, Subaru, and the rest of the team. Watching them work together as a team is like a weight off your shoulders. There is no doubt that the anime is doing a great job of keeping us glued to the screen.

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 5 Recap

Upon receiving word of the “deadline”, coach Kamiya arranged for a practice match. Kakegawa Weed was coached by former Kakegawa High Soccer club all-purpose technical player Kazuhiro Hiramatsu. Despite having possession, Kakegawa players felt immense pressure being outnumbered by their opponents despite being in possession themselves. Despite Tsuji’s warnings to be more focused, Kazama lost possession.

Tsuji confronted him and challenged him to be more in control of the ball, but he ignored him. With the ball in his hands again, Tsuji used his gaming instincts and strategies to their advantage. The team came within a few seconds of scoring. In response, Hiramatsu commands his players to lock down Tsuji and use their set-piece tactics to score. Tsuji quickly recognizes the situation and responds accordingly. Their fate is saved when a water break interrupts. The captain later defends him, saying that he made the right decision.


Shoot! Goal to the Future

During the break, Hiramatsu instructs his players to “run away with the game,” implying – to crush their opponents. He further says, “Now go run away with the game,” telling that they may never be able to achieve their full potential if they continue to play this way. Immediately following the halftime break, the Kakegawa Weed switched to their “Flash Pass” strategy that their coach had devised. Soon after, the Kakegawa Weed lost possession in an instant and were nearly about to concede a second goal, when their senpais intervened.

As the second half begins, Kakegawa falls into another of their opponent’s traps, conceding a second goal. Kazama breaks his leg, trying to defend, but Tsuji and Subaru back him up, so he does not have to sit out the match. With the second half’s commencement, Kakegawa fell into another of their opponent’s traps, conceding a second goal.


Shoot! Goal to the Future

As a result of having their eleven, Kakegawa plays man-to-man football. In his signature style, Tsuji shoots the ball in his signature style and scores the first goal, courtesy of Subaru’s speed and Kamiya’s personal regimens for his injured foot. This act results in a missed shot that swings across for Tsuji, who scores the goal in his signature style. The ball stops right before the goal line, and Kazama and Tsuji dive in, again making contact simultaneously and scoring. With the score tied at 90-90, Kakegawa players give it their all.

Shortly before full-time, Tsuji retakes a try. It hits the crossbar, but he comes running for it, and Kazama is right behind him. This entire sequence has to be the most intense in the entire anime. In the episode’s conclusion, Kamiya and Hiramatsu look through photos of themselves from when they were in playing 11, and Kazama becomes frustrated because they were unable to win. Kamiya notices their effort and invites them to practice the next day because they haven’t won or lost.

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 6 Release Date

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 6 Release Date set to release on 6 August 2022, Saturday at 11:30 PM (JST). The episode is titled “Naporitan.”

Where to Watch Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 6?

Fans can watch Shoot! Goal to the Future episode 6 on Crunchyroll When it is released, you can watch the previous episode of Shoot! Goal to the Future anime.

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